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1. Stun Master Telescopic Stun Baton
2. 1/2 ounce pepper spray W/ Quick Key Release keychain
3. Keychain Personal Alarm with Light
4. Guard Alaska Bear Spray
5. Electronic Pocket/Keychain Whistle

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Where you can securely buy the best personal security / safety devices, self defense products and surveillance systems a good prices

Self defense, personal security & safety devices and surveillance systems.

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If you are looking for any kind of business, home or personal safety products, you've come to the right place. We have the best selection of Mace self defense pepper spray, stun guns and tasers for self defense; hidden camera, spy cameras, nanny cam and surveillance systems for your home or business protection. We bring you quality name brand products at affordable prices. Buying in bulk? Save even more with our wholesale pricing.

Many website offer personal defense and safety products like Mace pepper spray, stun gun, personal alarms and TASER devices to protect and defend oneself; and many others offer hidden camera, nanny cam, alarm systems and surveillance systems to protect and secure your home or business. But self defense product, safety device and surveillance system all come down to one thing: SAFETY. So why go to differents websites for your safety needs?

Take care of everything right here at Cheap Safety Products .com (formally: Personal Security and Surveillance Systems .com), your one stop for self defence products , other personal safety devices and surveillance systems.

Self defense and personal safety products make great gifts too. Add products to your wish list for an easy retrieval later, if you are not ready to by now.

Did we mention that we have the cheapest prices online? Yep, when you purchase from us, you get the best quality products at cheap prices. You also save more when you buy in bulk. So whether you are buying just for yourself, for a couple of friends or a whole company, we have the best price for you.

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1/2 ounce pepper spray W/ Quick Key Release keychain

1/2 ounce (15 grams) pepper spray with Quick Key Release keychain and locking actuator. A good self-defense product for your personal security.

Price: $ 6.99

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950,000 volt Cell Phone Stun Gun

The PRETENDER 950,000 volt Cell Phone Stun Gun pretends to be a camera cell phone, but it's not. It's a powerful 950,000 volt stun gun. This cell phone stun gun will really give you the edge since an attacker will think you are just carrying a cell phone. This cellphone stun gun also has a very...

Price: $ 49.99

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Home Safe Wireless Home Security Alarm System

The HOMESAFEŽ WIRELESS HOME SECURITY SYSTEM is an affordable solution to your home or office security needs. This easy to operate security system will sound an alarm and dial up to 5 preset phone numbers to let you know motion has been detected or a door or a window has been opened in your home....

Price: $ 99.99

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CD Clock Radio Hidden Camera

A fully functioning CD Clock Radio hidden camera is perfect for bedrooms. It's a hidden camera, a CD player, an alarm clock and a radio all in one. The CD Clock Radio hidden camera's features include dual alarm times - perfect for weekdays and weekends, wake-up to a CD, alarm buzzer or radio and...

Price: $ 179.99

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4 Channel Wireless surveillance System

This surveillance system allows you to install up to 4 wireless cameras to digitally record all activity. This DVR has full networking capability and uses an embedded DVR which allows you to view live video on the Internet. This complete surveillance system includes cameras, cables, monitor,...

Price: $ 1595.00

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21 Oct 2009
Avoiding Violent Crimes

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